Should I shampoo my dog?

Before shampooing, please take a look at this video and read Keep ’em brushed. If you decide your dog does need a bath – after brushing!!! – it’s okay to use your own shampoo. Dilute 1:4. One part shampoo to 4 parts water. Wait until the dog is nearly dry and brush and comb again. The objective is to prevent mats, which begin the felting process. For links to recommended brushes, click here and scroll past the video.


Keep ’em brushed!!

This is the single most important thing you can do!! I know you want your dogs clean, but without proper brushing before the bath you are creating problems. The felting process begins with hair not properly brushed, then getting wet and dry. I explain in the video. Mats, especially felted mats, are painful for your dog when I brush them out.

Items needed:
Slicker brush. Brush info here.
Spray bottle with diluted creme rinse. Recipe here.

Brushes and temporary grooming station

An elevated place is so helpful, not only for your back, but it ‘settles’ the dog into the situation. Your dogs are all familiar with being groomed on an elevated table. Here I explain ways to create that place using things around your home, as well as the right style of brush. Scroll down for comments and links to brushes and a comb.

This brush is a great choice for most of your dogs.
Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel and Rubber Ergonomic Pet Slicker Brush Order the large size.

This brush is pricey, but worth the investment, especially for Standard Poodles and ‘doodles.
Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large, Coral Order the large size.

I use this softer slicker brush on occasion.
Miller Forge Doggy Man slicker brush
Order the large size.

Tips for Social Distancing & Recommendations for Animal Handling

  • Practice safe social distancing by not allowing pet parents to congregate in a common or public area while waiting to drop off or pick up their pet.
  • If a facility has concerns about surface contamination from leashes and collars, ask pet parents to remove them prior to handing the pet to you. Use disposable slip leashes to move pet animals from one location to another.
  • If a facility has a concern about surface contamination on the pet animal, wear latex gloves while bathing or handling pet animals and dispose of the gloves immediately after you finish handling each specific animal.
  • Don’t touch your face or nose while handling pet animals and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling each specific animal.
  • Practice safe social distancing between employees.
  • Follow PACFA rules for cleaning/disinfecting animal enclosures or common areas.
  • Frequently clean/disinfect public/employee restrooms and break rooms.