About Debby and Carol

Established in the late seventies, Mountain Pet Grooming is the longest existing grooming business in the Evergreen area. Debby purchased the business in 1989, located on the same corner as today.  Making way for more parking and another building, the little yellow house was torn down in 1995. The sign that sat in the hillside garden now hangs from a log pole directly out our door.


Between Debby and Carol there’s more years of hair experience than we care to add up.

A second-generation dog groomer, Debby has competed in dog shows since the age of 13 and worked for a professional handler in her 20s. Those experiences provide her expertise with many breeds and all kinds of hair. A successful breeder/exhibitor of Lhasa Apsos… read more 


Carol was a hair dresser for years before she began working at Mountain Pet Grooming over 25 years ago. Curious about grooming, she’d stop by and observe on her way home from styling hair. With her foundation in hair and her eye for balance, it didn’t take long for Carol to transfer those skills to the canine world.



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